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Quasar dragon deck 2017

quasar dragon deck 2017

Synchron Deck is the fastest in order to Special Summon Quasar Dragon. This Quasar Deck is the ultimate deck to Otk your opponent in this. Kenneth from Phoenix, Arizona giving us his deck profile. Quasar turbo deck March . ONE TURN. would work well in conjunction with a Synchron Extreme Quasar deck build? Aug 25, Mega-Tins Oct 6, Legendary Dragon Decks. Wishlist Windows Phone Yu-Gi-Oh's Duel Disk facebook twitter. And now I have to do another bunch of playtesting online do decide if I should run trish and two other synchro cards that I wasn't planning on for that sick combo. Creator and Admin of YGOPRODeck. Synchron Quasar Otk Deck List Tan. You won't be able to vote or comment.

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Dinomist via Kyorano61 V0. Decklists Top Decks Top Cards Deck Prices Contact Yugioh Prices. Tournament Decks WCQ - North America ARGCS - - Knoxville Tennessee WCQ - Oceania WCQ - South America. I don't like the entire plant engine as it's just kinda You always will have the opportunity for a Chain Link 3 to activate it, and you will have extra Normal Summons this way. Leave a Reply Cancel reply document. Light's Revenge Jul 21 Starter Deck: Shooting Quasar Dragon Ally of Justice Decisive Armor Mist Wurm Road Warrior Junk Destroyer Stardust Dragon Black Rose Dragon Junk Archer Drill Warrior T. I would add Jet Warrior to the extra deck. You can search it using ROTA and then immediately banish that ROTA to bring it. In which pack or tin can I get most of these cards please reply.

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✪YUGIOH PRO✪ Light's Revenge Singles Sealed. Credit to coolmon for Deck and Strategy submission. BUY WITH US Buyer Safeguard Gift Cards Cart Optimizer Mass Entry Collection Tracker SELL WITH US Sell With TCGplayer TCGplayer Pro TCGplayer Direct Price Data API's. When this card leaves the field: Four Synchro Tuners is a nice number to run. Deck-list Yugioh, Cards, Recipes, Decks, Builds, YDK Files and More. Four Synchro Tuners is a nice number to run. NA Release Product Jul 7 Battles of Legend: Deck Information Deck Type: Deck List Monsters Quickdraw Synchron x3 Junk Synchron x3 Dandylion x1 Quillbolt Hedgehog x2 Doppelwarrior x3 Synchron Explorer x2 Level Eater x3 Jet Synchron x2 Tuningware x2 Darksea Rescue x2 Spells One for One x1 Galaxy Cyclone x1 Raigeki x1 De-Synchro x2 Reinforcement of the Army x1 One Day of Peace x1 Miracle Synchro Fusion x1 Double Summon x3 Soul Charge x1 Foolish Burial x1 Tuning x3 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Traps Draining Shield x2 Starlight Road x1 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x2 Extra Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste x1 Shooting Quasar Dragon x1 Shooting Star Dragon x1 Stardust Dragon x2 Junk Berserker x1 Lightning Warrior x1 Junk Archer x1 Turbo Warrior x1 Drill Warrior x1 T. The graveyard is important in Synchrons. quasar dragon deck 2017 Tournament Odsett ergebnisse WCQ - North America ARGCS - St. Use Scapegoat with this deck. Originally it included "Imperial Iron Wall" and "Burial From a Different Dimension" to use the effects of monsters such as "Quillbolt Hedgehog" and "Jet Synchron" repeatedly, when they would usually be removed from play if they leave the field after using their effects once, but that slowed the deck. Dimensional Guardians Maximum Crisis Duelist Saga Structure Deck: Tell me about it. Credit to coolmon for Deck and Strategy submission.

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